Cameras in the Court: Is It Really Aganist Our Rights?

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Americans are a group of people who tend to very concerned about their rights, specifically those outlined in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights. However, it seems that new technology is creating situations where some rights come into conflict with each other. This new technology is the video camera. In most situations, a camera, or the usage of one, will not impede upon a person’s rights. However, people have brought up that the presence of cameras in a courtroom may impose upon the right of a fair case by distracting and affecting everyone in the courtroom. Now the solution to this problem seems obvious; ban cameras from the court. However, doing that infringes upon another basic right granted to American citizens; the freedom of press. American citizens have the right to document and publish almost anything. The banning of cameras from courtrooms can diminish a person’s ability to accurately document a court proceeding. So what can we do about this? The only solution that I believe is fair is to film a court proceeding in its entirety and then publish it in its unedited entirety...

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