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Camera Tricks
The box office movie Spiderman 2 is playing in theater now. The story is about a nerdy American teenager who later becomes an ultimate superhero, bestowed with incredible powers and lots of cool features. It seems childish right; we as adults have watched these types of movies since we were kids. Don’t people ever get bored with it? Probably not - that movie still reached the highest income compared to other movies that are also playing currently on cinemas. And what do you think the cause of that? It is because of people now have becoming so attached to the Media, movies and television especially, to identify themselves with.
Neal Gabler once wrote, “Whatever else American films do, the most popular ones are almost always about wish fulfillment, and the great stars are the ones with whom viewers can identify and through whom they can transcend themselves. They empower the audience.” It is a fact then that the Media tries to portray and characterize the perfect characters in the society through movie screens. “The movies hit them where they live – in their own state of desperation and doubt. Movies don’t just provide them with escape, as the conventional wisdom would have it. They give teenagers the exhilaration of hope through the illusion of power.” People are being deluded by these so called perfect characters that they have adapted from action figures, super heroes, celebrities and all other glamorous individualities. But are they really so great and perfect after all? Those characters are not even real; they are just illusions that the Media have created. There is a big difference between characters on screens and on reality where people should be aware; whether you like it or not, it will affect you inevitably.
The Media has so many tricks in the matter of creating perfect role models. It illustrates the fancy lifestyle of rock and movie stars; the life of young, rich and famous persons on television as great examples of a perfect life. Most TV shows would picture famous artists and models managed themselves with lots of money, plenty of girl or boy friends, luxurious cars, castled housed and all others magnificent things. Media tries to teach people how money and famous can buy you the high status and power, thus, give everything you want. It seems like a dream come true, right? On the contrary, they seldom show programs picturing the negative side of those glamorous lifestyles.
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