Call to Action: Decreasing the Number of Sexual Assaults in the United States

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A Call to Action: Decreasing the Number of Sexual Assaults in the United States
Sexual assault is a continued and rising problem in our society and women especially, should learn ways to reduce their risks of becoming an assault victim.
The number of sexual assault cases is increasing at an alarming rate, making people think twice about what they’re doing and with whom. “Sexual assault is both a consequence and reinforcement of the power disparity between men and women. It is a violent act of power which, is carried out by men against women and children” (Sexual Assault). Sexual assault is defined as any sexual behavior that makes a person feel uncomfortable, frightened, or threatened. It is a sexual activity to which a person does not consent to. The use of emotional or physical violence to force another person to engage in sexual activity also constitutes sexual assault, Touching, fondling, sexual harassment, rape, even kissing can all be constituted as sexual assault.
Statistics show the most common form of sexual assault is rape. Rape is defined as the unlawful compelling of a person through physical fore to have sexual intercourse or any act of sexual intercourse that was not consented to. More common than rape by a stranger is rape by someone the victim knows. There are many forms of rape including acquaintance rape, date rape, and marital rape. Acquaintance rape is a type of forced sexual activity with someone whom the victim just met, is dating, or may have known for a long time. Acquaintance rape can happen between friends, spouses, and even girlfriends and/or boyfriends. [Sixty-percent] of all rape victims know their assailants (SAFE).
Date rape is the most common form of rape that we hear about in today’s world. In re...

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...erence manual. With over 7,000 instructor certified and 300,000 women trained by RAD, it is the country’s largest and fastest growing self-defense program for women and children. Rad is taught all over the United States at 400 colleges and universities even at our very own Georgia Southern University.
The increasing numbers of sexual assault cases over the past decades have raised an alarm in American society among law enforcement women and groups that advocate for personal safety. If we use the resources that are available, the different self-defense programs like the Rape Aggression Defense System offers, together we can slowly bring down the number of sexual assaults committed. I strongly encourage you to become an advocate for personal safety. You never know if the next victim will be your mother, father, sister, brother, or even your own daughter or son.