Call of the Wild

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1. If Buck could speak, write some dialogue of what he would say to John Thorton and describe why you think this is what he would say to John. John Thorton had, for a second, vanished from Buck's view. Buck panicked as he frantically searched through the camp for the familiar sent that only John Thorton had. Once Buck noticed John near the river, he dashed towards him as his nerves were now at ease. "I cherish you for everything you have rendered for my prosperity. I will eternally be in your debt, and I will forever continue to express my gratitude towards you" promised Buck. "Buck, you barbarous beast, I appreciate your fervent dedication, and I ensure you that I will do the identical" assured John Thorton. Buck would say this to John Thorton because, he accomplishes anything for the man, even if it means endangering his life. His concern for Thoton is vigorously devoted because Buck's anxiety is that John Thorton will diminish from his life. 2. What does the phrase, "Kill or be killed, eat or be eaten," mean? The phrase means that in the primordial course of nature you ha...

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