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In The Call of the Wild written by Jack London an easy going domesticated dog is reminded of his roots and transformed into a hard working, wild and free dog. Buck understands what it is like to live a leisurely life, but after his trip to the North he never looks back on that life with disrespect. Bucks newfound life changes him overall as a dog, almost to a point where he has to be reminded that he is a dog and not some wild beast. The Call of the Wild shows the life of Buck while using many different literary methods.
Bucks long and hard life journey can easily be compared to that of Odysseus in The
Odyssey by Homer. Buck is sent on a hard journey to find out what kind of work he must really do, and when placed in the hands of countless bad owners he makes the best of the situations just like Odysseus was able to defeat all of the monsters that crossed his path. Buck then returned to a home like setting only to find it difficult for him to fit in from a tough life on the road, how
Odysseus was unrecognized by all but his dog. Finally Buck got what he thought was to be ‘home’ with John Thornton until tragedy strikes and Buck finds the wolves. Buck is finally ‘at home’ when he finds the great timber wolf pack and runs with them, leading and understanding life.
Jack London also uses personification throughout The Call of the Wild. Buck the dog is given many human qualities, mainly because the book is a biography of him. The main personification trait that Buck experiences is the feeling of love towards John Thornton. Buck has a typical dog to human love, but with John Thornton Bucks love is undying and painstaking.
When Buck takes John Thornton’s hand into his mouth and give a long squeeze with his teeth it is ...

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...other as well as an desire for each other’s love. John
Thornton gave Buck the freedom to roam the forests and gain the deep internal knowledge he needs to survive in the forest, allowing Buck to continue the primitive figure in the seeming infinite north. The caveman like John Thornton saves Bucks life and allows him to continue out his life as a primitive force, one of the highest regarded ways to live life.
Throughout The Call of the Wild there are many examples themes, symbols, and personification as well as two main characters that are the exemplar of primitiveness. Buck lives on with the wolf pack being a ghost-dog wolf-dog leader, scaring the Yeehats, and giving an understanding of the highest way to live life, being primitive. Jack London illustrates how a house dog goes from leisure to tough work and allows understanding to be found throughout words.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how jack london's the call of the wild shows how an easy-going domesticated dog is reminded of his roots and transformed into a hard-working, wild and free dog.
  • Compares buck's long and hard life journey to that of odysseus in the odyssey by homer.
  • Analyzes how jack london uses personification throughout the call of the wild. buck the dog is given many human qualities because the book is a biography of him.
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