Call Center Case Study

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No position in your company is quite as important as your call center employee. These employees have a direct line to customers, sometimes when retention is on the line. The way these employees interact with these customers will help showcase the company in a positive or negative light. The way the company is portrayed depends a great deal on the amount of effort you are willing to put into these employees. One of the best ways to help make your call center employees successful is through coaching. With coaching, you are able to give your employees more information regarding the areas they need to improve in as well as those they are excelling. Not only can this help to improve their overall job performance, but it can help improve employee…show more content…
However, this is a critical step if they are to improve their job performance. One way to solve this problem is to actually play back some of their calls for them to listen to. Discuss the areas that you see for improvement and get their take on the call as well. The best approach to take when you are coaching a particular call is to start by asking your employee what areas they did correctly. This conversation should be followed by constructive feedback regarding areas that you see that could use improvement. It is usually best to only give one piece of advice at once. Offering too much information and ways the employee can improve can seem overwhelming and may cause the employee to give up hopes that they can improve. After you have had a conversation with your employee, get a commitment from them that they plan to improve. Put a timeline on the specific item and revisit it after a specific date. This will give the employee time to correct the issue and will also help them to have a goal to strive for. Keep track of their progress as much as possible. It is even best to keep a detailed report written on a piece of paper so you can both review
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