Calfrac Annual Report Essay

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From the perspective of investors and creditors, there would be two limitations of Calfrac’s annual report that stand out the most. The lack of an actual sustainability report and the presentation of the fair value information would be the two limitations that stood out the most for Calfrac. These limitations do not entirely hinder the usage of the annual report but they detract from the report since they do not provide substantial information. The format of Calfrac’s basic sustainability report, which is titled “Operations Review”, is simple and gives an overall view of how they want to proceed with their projects, what they have done in the past and how they are doing in these areas now. This information spans several pages and is in depth, but it is simple regarding the content and presentation. Also, the information given is not a solid indicator of what their sustainability efforts have produced. There are a few graphs, charts and numbers given, but the information that is presented is only a cross section of the ideal and positive factors. Some items they have listed in their...

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