Calculating Number Of Births Around The World

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Calculating number of births around the world is a struggled statistic that even big organizations like UNICEF or World Health Organization fail to conclude. There is only an estimate that can be made based on the data collected worldwide as to how many children are born every day. The speculated reason is, that not all the births get registered and not all newborns survive. Imagine, how many children born every day will get a decent quality of life? How many of the born will actually survive their infancy and mature to other life stages? How many will actually experience their first sight, their first laugh, their first step and many such first’s in their life? It is very hard to say but I am sure you will agree that every one of them deserves to survive and live a reasonable quality of life. If we all believe that a child is a gift of god that brings happiness in this world then I am sure you will also agree that we should all do that we can, in our capacity to give this child the much needed love and care to grow. Sadly, this is not the case, as many of these young and tender souls get abandoned quite early in their life after they are born. They are either left on the functionally established system of social welfare to be taken care, or subjected to the hardships of life living in isolation and cursing every bit of their existence. We both can do our bit in giving one such soul the love and support needed, and I would like you to join me in adopting a child who will be able to experience his many firsts with us by becoming a part of our life. You must be thinking and cultivating plenty of thoughts, questions and concerns about adoption. You must also be thinking about various aspects around the idea of adoption and the possi... ... middle of paper ... ... again to consider, and join me in adopting a child. Through adoption, we can bring the much needed joy in the life of an abandoned child and embrace that tender soul as a lifelong gift of love. During my research about adoption and related concerns, I read many stories of parents and individuals who adopted, but only one voice echoed in all the stories; adoption is beautiful. I have composed a poem that I would like you to read, and receive it as voice of a child who has been longing for love, care and belongingness fulfilled by adoption. I am not a file number, I am not a case I am neither a burden, nor disgrace I am a reflection, a shadow of you They say I am different, but I am one of you You gave me life, a name to belong You composed me like a beautiful song You touched my soul, gave me a gift of you I am not different, I am one of you because I belong to you!
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