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Employee Handbook Having the urge of in need of an employee handbook due to employee and employer issues; had leaded me to read case studies and professional websites that explain the importance of an employee handbook and how to create one. I have searched for mandatory and recommended policies that an employee handbook should include. I have found legal information that we need to know in the state of California. I have learned the purposes and choices of creating an employee handbook. One of the case studies I read explained that documentation made the difference in their company. Another case study had an employer failed to distribute the revised policy to its current employees leading to consequences. I also read articles with reasons why companies need social media policy. I have read all the required employee benefits that an employee handbook should include. Reading all the material needed to create an employee handbook has given me the knowledge that an employee handbook not only makes a business professional but it is an essential tool to make any company succeed. CalChamber Where Advocacy Meets Compliance: Employee Handbook An employee handbook is very important, it does not matter the size of the company, as long as there is rules and regulations to make a successful company. When creating an employee handbook it is extremely important to include mandatory policies along with recommended policies. These important policies benefit the company in all aspects. There are many reasons for creating an employee handbook. Some of the important reasons include complying with federal and state regulations, to ensure fair treatment to all employees, to avoid misunderstandings and lawsuit, to orient new emplo... ... middle of paper ... ...ertain benefits, or that have a variety of options, makes them feel safe, and they tend to be happy with the company, employers, and work. (Jeanne A. Hulit) 2012 Conclusion While reading the material needed to create an employee handbook, I have learned what an employee handbook is and the importance of creating one. All the information I have acquired has given me the excitement of creating an employee handbook for the company that I work for. The employee handbook will include variety of policies and benefits and I will make sure every employee handbook gets distributed to each employee to prevent issues. I highly recommend that every company should have an employee handbook to keep their employers and employees safe. The company that I work for will become a professional and successful company with an essential employee handbook that I will soon create.

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