Cafffeine: How Does It Affect Our Health?

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Critical Review : Caffeine: how does it affect our health?

The title of the article is Caffeine : How Does It Affect Our Health? Caffeine is the main ingredient in coffee, which is consumed by many of us nowadays. However, did we ever questioned how caffeine will affect our health. In the article, the author shares on the potential health benefits and also the negative side effects of caffeine consumption for adults. In addition to that, this article talks about the consequences on the consumption of caffeine on kids and adolescent. This subject is important because many of us do not realise the effects of caffeine consumptions and continues to consume it. To make things worse, caffeine is not only present in coffee. It is also present
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In her article, it contains both views which are positive and negative effects on the consumption of caffeine. The article begins with the author telling the reader how much coffee does people around the world consume each day. This is supported by International Coffee Organization. Next, according to The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the author tells the reader that two to four cups of coffee a day can promote a variety of health benefits while some studies claim otherwise. The article continues by explaining what is caffeine and which food and drinks that contain caffeine. Other than that the article also explains that the caffeine in the coffee can act as natural stimulant by activating the central nervous system. The stimulating effect can start as early as 15 minutes after consumption and last up to 6 hours according to the University of Michigan Health Service. In addition to that, the article states the potential health benefits of consuming caffeine. The facts that was in the part of this article is from a reliable source, that is the Harvard School of Public Health. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, consuming caffeine may reduce the suicide risk in adults and may boost long term memory lost. Other studies also suggested that caffeine intake can reduce halve the risk of liver , mouth and throat cancer. Caffeine intake may also protect against type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease , cardiovascular disease and
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