Caffeine the Most Popular Drug in The World

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Coffee and tea have been around for many centuries. Coffee was discovered in the land of Abyssinia or also known as Ethiopia (Pendergrast, 2001). It became one of the many sources to create ideas, a common drink for work or school, and created problems. It is common to buy coffee now from Starbucks, Philz Coffee, or brewing it ourselves. Coffee is use to start out our day and keep us awake. Since discovering coffee, Americans consume it everyday. On the other hand, not only is coffee very popular drink but so is drinking Tea. The discovery of tea is very diverse, it goes through many histories and cultural stories. The history of it started out when the British made tea their representing drink, believing no one else can have it (Mair & Hoh, 2010). Through culture, Chinese believed that tea is a necessity to have a healthy life (Mair & Hoh, 2010). During the tea trade, many of the Chinese claimed that tea can cure any disease and by drinking it no one can die (Mair & Hoh, 2010). But today many of us drink coffee and tea for countless reason; usually we have them in the morning to start out our day, to keep us awake for late night studies, or for health benefits. One of the main ingredients in coffee and tea is caffeine. Caffeine has both bad and good benefits, but too much of caffeine can cause a negative effect for our health. The effects of tea and coffee can have various health benefits, carry out chemical compounds that is in the drink, but too much consumption can create side effects to our body.
Caffeine is one of the most popular drug. They are naturally in all coffee beans and tea plants. Everyone in the world consumes caffeine everyday, from coffee to tea drinks. This affects straight to our central nervous system an...

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...ful for preventing dizziness when we stand up too quick, this is mainly for elderly people who have this problem (“Black tea: MedlinePlus Supplements”, 2012). Black tea can prevent heart attacks. There is evidence that it can help decreasing the chance of having Parkinson’s disease (“Black tea: MedlinePlus Supplements”, 2012).
Caffeine can lead to a negative health if we over-consume tea and coffee.
All in all, coffee and tea have many great benefits but also health problems. The main key to enjoy drinking coffee and tea is by drinking it moderately. Caffeine is naturally in all coffee and tea. Many of those who drink coffee can live longer lives while tea can help reduce many health problems such as heart disease, cancer, dizziness, help with skin problem, and inflammation. Everyone should at least have some caffeine in their body because some of us need it.
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