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Julius Caesar, a man who transformed Rome for the better, was a master tactician, and a strong opponent in the political world. With his genius strategies, he conquered many places, including Africa, Spain, and France. During his time as a commander, he also won the support of many Romans, becoming the dictator of Rome. Although many people love Caesar, many opposed to a dictatorship, which ultimately caused his assassination. Caesar lived an extraordinary life with the help of his family, political life, and military victories in the name of Rome. Julius Caesar, a name known throughout the world, was born into a well-know family, so Julius had no problem in the political world. Aurelia Caesar gave birth on July 13 100 B.C to a baby boy, named after his father, Gaius Julius. He is the youngest of three children, but the only boy. His father had gained some fame in Rome due to being a senate. The Julli family was one of the founding families to inhabit Rome, which made them popular and one of the richest in Rome. Caesar’s aunt was married to Gaius Marius, the most powerful man in Rome at the time. Marius was the leader of a rivaling family, but the marriage to his aunt ended the rivalry. This, in return, granted more revenue to the Julii family from outside sources and gave more insight to the political world for young Julius. Caesar glorified much of his family: “The family of my aunt Julia is descended by her mother from the kings, and on her father's side is akin to the immortal Gods . . .. Our stock therefore has at once the sanctity of kings…”(Viscusi 13). Much is not known about Caesar’s first ten years of living. He had an education from his mother and tutor, until he was at a decent age to be able to study at the beauti... ... middle of paper ... ...dictator for his time, many people disagreed that Rome should still be a dictatorship, and decided to assassinate Caesar. When Caesar returned to Rome, he was attacked by surprise by many men. They produced daggers from their tunics, and began to stab him. Caesar was stabbed 23 times, and he died of blood loss. The conspirators though that after Caesar’s death happened, the senate would produce a new government, but that was opposite of what happened. Rome plunged into a civil war that lasted for a decade, and reformed the empire to become a republic. This shows that Caesar was a man that brought forth change for the better. He even started making a new calendar that was an improved version of the Egyptians. His achievements out-numbered those of many other dictators though-out the world. This all came from the help of his family, political, and military victories.

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