Cable Television

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Cable Television

The word technology has meant a number of different things throughout the span of time and culture. From the beginning of the stone tablet to the introduction of cyberspace there has been technology; something that has enhance our literacy and improved our detail of life and knowledge. The development of the personal computer seems to be somewhat elementary to all of use now. Technology has made its way into our homes and is continuing to make our lives interactive with those around the world.

?Before the advent of the PC, the television and satellites brought the world into the living rooms of many homes Pictures of life beyond the boundaries of one's own community or neighborhood were made accessible every night through local broadcasting and eventually cable television. Kubey and Csikszentmihalyi find that, "Today, the thing hundreds of millions of humans most have in common with one another, aside from their humanity, is television. It has become our culture’s dominant form of leisure and its most powerful means of mass communication. In four short decades it has become the primary channel for the information that we share as a nation and as a world" (24). The use of cable television is not something that seems that entirely revolutionary to us all now. It is the one thing that most Americans relax to every night and look to every morning to find out the weather for the day. It is said, "one third of waking time that is free, the single activity that clearly absorbs the most time in modern societies is watching television (Kubey and Csikszentmihalyi 12).



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