Cabenitry Work is All in the Detail

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Cabinetry work is work revolving around all detail. In this paper you will get a clear understanding on how cabinets and countertops are made from raw wood to the finished product inside the homeowners house. You start by building and construction of cabinets and countertops start from raw wood or lumber. The lumber you use is always particleboard that comes in sheets of all sizes thickness and length. The two main sizes in thickness of particleboard used is ¾ inch and ⅝ inch boards. Sizes from length are all different as well there is sizes from a 36 inch board by 4 feet to 48 inch by 16 feet in length.

How the finished product is made. You first start out by getting your prints with all the measurements on it. You look it over and think to yourself what size boards can you use to conserve all the lumber you have in your shop. After thats all figured out you cut the board to the sizes you need and take them to an open spot in a shop. Then you find your laminate you need for your project and do the same as you did with the wood. Figure out how to make your cute to get the most out of the sheet. Next, you cut the laminate and take it back along with the raw wood you just cut. After everything is all in place then you get contact cement. Contact cement is a adhesive glue that dries and then you stick it against another surface that has the spray on it. If you stick the two surfaces together too soon the glue will not stick right. Contact cement needs to be dried completely on both surface to stick the best as possible. After sticking the laminate on raw wood you need to roll the laminate on. To roll laminate on wod its recommended to use 75 lbs of pressure for it to hold the best and for the longest amount of ti...

... middle of paper ... and see how they fit. If its no fitting how it should you have to take the top off and scribe the backsplash with a belt sander till it fits against the wall smoothly. Then you go back underneath the countertops in the cabinets to screw the tops back on. Once the tops are back on you must clean up the mess you’ve made with you tools and tops with a shop vac and a broom. The very last thing you’ll need is a signature from the home owner. That is how cabinetry is done from start to finish on a countertop order from the raw partical board to the finished product countertop. There are many kinds of tops, there are granite tops that are made of stone. Also there are different types of laminate like formica and omega I hope you learned something about cabinetry from my essay like how to construct or how to finish a laminated top.