CVS Tech Assistant Position

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384 words

I am applying for a CVS tech assistant position. There are numerous reasons why I would be the best choice. I work extremely hard, and put effort into whatever task I am doing. I have various skills; interacting with people, using computers, and organizing things. I also really enjoy working with others. Even though I do not have plentiful prior experience, I am a good applicant for this position. Initially, I will work tremendously hard. I listen to what is being spoken to me, and I will do as I am told and not question it. I will not miss any days unless I have an emergency. I may also miss for appointments, but I would inform my manager in advance, and try to schedule my appointments when I am off. I am also very dependable and honest.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they are applying for a cvs tech assistant position because they work extremely hard and enjoy working with others.
  • Explains that they will work extremely hard, listen to what is being spoken to them, and do as they are told and not question it. they will not miss any days unless they have an emergency.
  • Explains that they have countless skills that would be used in the workplace; working with and helping people, organization of products and files, using a computer, etc.
  • States that they enjoy working with others, but are also satisfactory when working independently. they do not start or join in on arguments, and would aid co-workers if necessary.
  • Opines that although they are young and less experienced, they would be willing to work hard and help in any way possible.
  • Opines that despite not having prior knowledge, they are a good candidate for this position.
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