CVS Halts Cigarette Sales

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The CVS has decided it wants to halt cigarette sales. Cigarette smoking is very injurious to health. However, the government hasn’t stopped producing tobacco because of its economical benefits. This is an interesting topic for analyzing the changes it would bring to the economy of a country and whether it’s a good decision or not. Smoking is a personal choice for everyone; however in the long run it has an effect on the economy. There are many reasons why I think this decision will be more destructive than beneficial. Tobacco industries increase direct and indirect employment. The various job opportunities that can be given involve producing and distributing tobacco products and supplying goods and services to various industries. If this business decision goes through, then many employees will lose their jobs cause more unemployment, which impacts the economy as a whole and could change the value of money. If they stop production, it will increase black market activities, affecting many companies, in and out the tobacco industry. The collected tax from cigarette sales is mostly ...

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