CU Nursing Career And Career Choices

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VCU Nursing Essay
When pondering career choices, it is commonly proposed that one take into account his or her pleasures, especially those which have carried over from childhood. As children start to grow through experience, they become enthralled earnestly by the activities that bring them the greatest joy. Initially, when questioned about their future careers, younger children spontaneously offer the conventional answer of princess or superhero. However, older children are more inclined to present more pragmatic responses in which they demonstrate their increased comprehension of the world and/or take interest in the careers of their elders, whether it is their parents, teachers, or mentors. I took the same route as my peers and grew from believing that I would one day be referred to as the undisputed princess of the Baganda tribe of Uganda, to Kim Possible, the teenage heroine in the animated Disney Channel Original Series Kim Possible. If it were not strange of me to still offer that as my career choice in middle school English peer groups, then I would doubtlessly still be pursuing that dream. However, I was enlightened (or rather, shamed) into a more realistic career, thus starting my road to self-awareness.
I discovered fast that this was not to be a simple journey. In high school, I learned that the demographic of individuals who were apprehensive about their futures was enormous. Although I should have been in said group, I was unfortunately uninformed about life subsequent to the pampered cocoon that was high school. High school was a time where teachers, counselors and parents were all extremely invested and took ample responsibility in the lives of their students and children. It had not occurred to me yet that soon ...

... middle of paper ... capable of becoming. Ultimately with my nursing career, I hope to give back to my community both locally and internationally. Because I was born in a third world country, I experienced firsthand the insufficiency of quality healthcare facilities in underdeveloped countries. Even at a very young age, I was moved by that awareness and pledged that I would one day return to my native land to assist in nurturing the healthcare system. I know that there is unimaginable potential in citizens to achieve great success and great health is a vital component in the achievement of any objective whether educational, economical, et cetera. Additionally, I hope to inspire people to engage in the nursing field and to aim for novel levels of success regardless of which field they enter. I have always had an inclination to invest myself fully in the unmitigated wellness of others
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