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“Prepare yourselves for battle. We can win this, and we will. We will have to move our robots to a place where it is not as obvious that we are here. Get ready, and load your guns with ammunition.” Dr. Roberts raised their spirits and readied them. “We will surround the enemy to cause confusion,” Dr. Roberts continued. “The Maelstrom will cut through the enemy lines from behind, using its’ fast movement and power to annihilate the back lines. The Balclutha will remain farther back, using gunfire and missiles to support us. Find a place that is elevated and where you can get a good shot. Aim for the robots’ backs, as that is where the wires are. The Voyager will grab the attention and it will slowly cut down the enemies. Because of the sheer force they have, the Voyager will not be able to stay in one place for long. The Voyager will create havoc and disruption among the enemy lines, and then we will take them down.” Dr. Roberts teleported the robots back to where the battle scene would take place, and they all found strategic locations to hide. The Voyager stood in plain sight to act as a distraction. The Maelstrom was hidden between a cluster of trees, ready to spring around the enemy. The Balclutha was positioned behind a large rock on a hill. The Balclutha fired a high explosive missile, and guided it up to the sky. Then the Balclutha brought the missile straight into the center of the enemy robots’ lines, the explosion and resulting shock wave causing much damage. The robots looked up, and while they were distracted the Maelstrom started the attack from behind. The Maelstrom sliced through the robots, and the Balclutha sent missiles to destroy the remains of the robots so they wouldn’t regenerate. The enemy robots turned and ... ... middle of paper ... ...nd there were no intelligent animals on the islands. There were only trees, patches of grass, insects, and robots. He also noticed that he had a greatly increased athletic performance; he could run and move so fast that he was a blur, he could hold his breath for over thirty minutes, and he was extremely strong. Sheldon had become a little taller during the transformation, and his thick, brown hair that offset his good looks was replaced with light, airy jet black hair. His eyes were a cool blue, lifeless to his enemies but warm and kind to those he cared for. His sword disappeared into a blue-white scabbard that complemented his eyes. Sheldon dashed forward, his boundless energy astonishing the others. Their group finally reached a tall, near vertical cliff that Sheldon started to scale. Then he jumped off of the side of the cliff, and he summoned his powers.
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