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Tiffany Hoxie
Professor Kenneth Lee
Comm 103 – Spring 2014
Informative Speech Outline

Hands Only CPR Begins The 80’s Back And Can Save A Life

General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: After my speech my audience will be more informed about hands only CPR.

Thesis Statement: Compared to traditions CPR studies have shown that hands only CPR can help save the life of a person in cardiac arrest by keeping the perfusion to the brain.


Attention Greeter: We all here have a love one at home or friends just imagine one your sitting at a restaurant and your love one suddenly starts to choke and falls to floor. Motionless your love one is laying there not breathing with no one around to help as you panic you dial 911. It takes the emergency response 20 minutes to arrive. Meanwhile your love is dying what could help, hands only CPR.

Preview: I would like to start by giving the statistics of CPR and sudden cardiac arrest and how the survivor rate of CPR increase with hands only of CPR, also how to perform hands only CPR with tunes of the 80’s.

(Transition: Let start by the statistics of cardiac arrest.)


According to the American Heart Association about 70 percent of Americans would not know what to do in a cardiac arrest emergency. (AHA 2014)

A. Annually 383,000 sudden cardiac arrests occur in out-of-hospital care and about 88 percent of them occur in a home. (AHA 2014)
B. Many people who suffer from cardiac arrest have no history of heart problems or have risk factors that would cause a cardiac arrest.
C. Every 90 seconds cardiac arrest will claim the life of some one
1. Takes more lives then AIDS, Lung and breast cancer. (HRS 2012)

(Transition: Why should you take action in a cardiac arrest.)


... middle of paper ...

...nt. Why it is important to act fast to prevent brain loss and death in a cardiac arrest emergency. How to successfully deliver hands only CPR to some in need. Fast and hard compression to the tune of the Bee Gee’s song Staying Alive.
B. Creative Concluding Thought: If you ever witness a person in cardiac arrest don’t panic take action and perform hands only CPR, else if it your love one. You could save a life!


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