CNC Simulator Case Study

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CNC Simulator able to simulate the tool path in CNC lathe machine and CNC milling machine. The idea of CNC Simulator is to provide the CNC users with versatile and contemporary full 3D CNC Machine Simulator with CAD/CAM capability. The CNC Simulator has become a whole suite of combination software tools for CNC community. CNC machine-tools are the most important technological equipment in industry. It is nowadays possible to produce very complex shapes by CNC machines and they often need sophisticated CAM systems, skilled users and a number of time-consuming tests in order to obtain the best results (Octavian Bologaa et al , 2016). For these reasons, complex manufacturing processes need to be checked thoroughly before running at a real machine tool. The simulation of the machining processes can be useful in preparation of production. It is an essential action to check the machining processes with simulation software in advance to prevent from lost. 2.2 CNC Simulator in simulating machining process Before running real CNC machining tool, complex workpiece need to be checked thoroughly the process. Nowadays most NC programs are created via CAM tools. Kliment et al. (2014) describe these machine simulations check the functionality of the NC program either regarding processability or the compatibility with the CNC. Simulation allows a close to…show more content…
(2012) about EMC2 (Enhanced Machine Control ver. 2) - an Open Source NC software running in Linux environment, has been successfully used as a numerical control system for a milling machine, proving great flexibility and adaptability. The EMC2 features, is powerful tool that able to control the machine-tool and to simultaneously show the virtual model, displaying the same behaviours of the real machine. The simulation limitation cannot display the chip removal, but only the tool path. This limitation may great help for designer and user to identify volume of removed

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