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The Cuban Missile Crisis was one of the key events in the Cold War Neely bring us to the brink of thermonuclear war. With the failed Bay of Pigs invasion the Soviets wanted to bulk up Cuba’s defense to resist any further aggression so that they could have a Soviet satellite in the western hemisphere. (cmc article 257) The Soviets told the United States that they were giving Cuba defensive weapons to defend themselves against any further invasion but they also gave Cuba Offensive weapons that could strike into the heart of the United States. This greatly made the government concern about the Soviets and possible first strike capabilities against the United States rendering them unable to fire back. The Soviets were trying to strong arm the United States to limit its capabilities on striking them. While the situation of easily been solved by simple course of action both sides were trying to remain dominant in the eyes of other nations.
The Crisis first started when U-2 fighters took picture overhead of Cuba with missile launchers and nuclear missiles. This was alarming as it was so close to the United States. With failure from the Bay of Pigs invasion still fresh in the minds of the Americans some people wanted to finish what they started and invade Cuba once more when they first had evidence of the missiles. (Thirteen Days) The Bay of Pigs was the biggest factors leading up to the Cuban Missile Crisis as it caused the Soviets to supply weapons to the new communist country of Cuba. During this transfer Jupiter Intermediate-range ballistic missile was given to Cuba which would give the communists a first strike advantage against the United State, which would the United States unable to retaliate back against Russia. (Thirt...

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... missile sites and the nuclear missiles to show up at the emergency united nation meeting.
(Thirteen Days)
With both sides not wanting thermonuclear war secret talks commenced between the two nations. The United States had to have the missiles removed and they would not take no for an answer. The Soviets were concerned about the missiles in Turkey and the first strike capability that the United States would have on them. In secret they debated on the terms of the removal of the missiles. Finally coming up with a solution they decided that the Soviets would remove the missiles from Cuba as long as the United States would promise never to invade Cuba or assist anybody who was trying to invade Cuba and that the United States would remove the missiles in Turkey after a time so that the United States would not look weak in the eyes of other nations.
(Thirteen Days)
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