CIRV Initiative Essay

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There are several initiatives that the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD) is engaged in that are related to community crime prevention. Social development is a key feature of these initiatives. CPD prides itself in using problem-solving approaches when combatting crime, and is heavily involved in youth engagement. The Police Chief has placed emphasis on targeting at-risk youth and bridging the gap between youth and police. The Chief also stresses the importance of a working relationship with community citizens as well as with businesses and city departments. Overall, CPD has had a proven success rate in the methods used in crime prevention and problem solving.
The CIRV Initiative
One program, Cincinnati’s Initiative to Reduce Violence or (CIRV), (Ceasefire), targets the gun violence in the city. CIRV offers intervention for youth who have fallen into the gang culture. CIRV also offers youth an alternative to the gang way of life through a variety of social interventions. This initiative was adopted after the Boston Gun Project started in the 1990’s. The main focus of CIRV is to deter chronic offenders involved in violent crime and to mitigate gang and group violence. The objective is to offer violent groups or gangs alternatives to violence. CIRV has made job training, educational opportunities, and social programs available to these groups, and promotes them as providing “a way off of the streets.” If offenders refuse to take advantage of these opportunities, they are dealt with through the justice system.
Several local law enforcement agencies have teamed up with the CPD to ensure the success of this initiative. These include the Probation Department, the Community Partnering Center, and Outreach Workers. These law enf...

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...apping to determine which areas are hot spots. This is important to achieve success while using POP (Braga & Bond, 2008). (Braga & Bond, 2008) suggest that it is more difficult for small departments to achieve good results namely because most do not use computers and crime mapping. CPD is a larger department and officers use crime mapping, the SARA model along with empowering and teaching citizens how to prevent victimization by making their neighborhood a better place to live through behavior modification (Schneider, 2010, p. 150). It relays a message to citizens that crime prevention in a neighborhood is not just the duty of the police--but of the citizens as well (Schneider, 2010, p. 12). POP is the one of best tools to use for crime and disorder, and a significant amount of hot spot interventions have been proven effective (Braga & Bond, 2008).
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