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One important aspect to make students’ learning valuable is to focus the planning in setting objectives in terms of desired outcomes (knowledge skills, attitudes, values) that we want our students to develop. By developing clear objectives, students feel that there is a reason for learning. Also, it is important to provide feedback, because it helps students improve their goals’ achievement and solidify their understanding.
Teachers need to communicate objectives, in this way students will be able to know what they are doing in class and what they are supposed to learn.
Some recommendations for setting objectives in the classroom are:
Set learning objectives that are specific but not restrictive: it is important to know the specific standards, benchmarks and supporting learning that students at school are required to learn. When setting objectives they need to be stated on the learning goals, not the activity or assignment that they are expected to complete. They need to complete the assignment in order to what students should know, understand, or be able to do.
Communicate the learning objectives to students and parents: by communicating the objectives helps students center on what they need to learn. Also when communicating objectives to parents, they are able to understand and get engaged in what their children are learning.
Connect the learning objectives to previous and future learning: this is important because in this way students are able to connect the current objective to what they have already learned and how can they apply what they are learning to future lessons.
Engage students in setting personal learning objectives: by permitting students to personalize the learning objectives can increase their m...

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... own learning and to give and receive feedback from peers. It helps them develop skills they will need not only in their school life, but in college and their workplace.
2 Questions:
1. Does Metacognitive Feedback Improve students’ actions, skills and learning?
2. Can providing feedback be used in lower grade levels? In what ways can teachers help students to improve their learning?

I enjoyed the idea that students can personalize the learning objectives because they can find relevant, real world applications of what they are learning. Also by setting personal learning objectives, students can take control of their own learning. In this competitive world, students are required to think further and get out of their comfort zone, because this skills they will need them throughout their K to 12 years, in college, and in their adult life.
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