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Business Intelligence (BI), what is it? Why is BI important to the small business owner? More importantly, why is should a small business hire someone to help analyze their “data”. What can a consultant know about a Used Car Dealership, Fast Food restaurant, or a Law Office? That question while relevant is not a question that will be answer within this proposal. This proposal will focus on how Central Arkansas Business Intelligence, through “Data Analysis” and “BI Tools” can and will help any business, small or large, in Central Arkansas become a “Data Aware” business. However what does the term Data Awareness mean within the scope of a business practices, this proposal shall use a combined definition from the National Data Awareness Project Website; “In the 21st Century, electronically stored information - data - has become the currency of US commerce, civil administration, and cultural and scientific innovation” , and from Encarta Dictionary, “Data, information, often in the form of facts or figures obtained from experiments or surveys, used as a basis for making calculations or drawing conclusions.”, also from Encarta “Aware, well informed about what is going on in the world or about the latest developments in a sphere of activity.” So the final definition: Being Data Aware is the understanding the relationships between different and diverse sections of one business through the use of data analysis, sound business practices, and the use of business intelligence tools.

Marketing being a key factor to any business’ success or failure will be accomplished on multiple fronts. With a limited budget to being with a marketing plan will be based on “viral” marketing. A simple defin...

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...m IT management Company Little Rock Arkansas Information Technology Consulting Firm:

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