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Management Paper 1 Since I do not own a management role at the moment, the following paper describes a position that I want to take within the next five years. The purpose of the paper is a deeper insight into talents and management skills. Objectives are to improve the understanding of needed talents, become aware of own talents, and the improvement management skills through a methodical approach. Most assessments in this paper come from internships or if no other knowledge is available, assumptions. In order to achieve the objectives, in the following first a description of the management role is made. After that, the talents are analyzed for this role and compared with present talents. Third, it will be explained how various concepts help in the ability to managing employees. An assessment of the outcomes is made and finally, a summary of findings is given. Management Role The management role that I want to achieve in five years is that of a consultant, who runs small projects or subprojects. The role mainly includes project work in strategy or marketing projects with a few employees (less than five). My responsibilities should include a part of the acquisition of the projects and own responsibilities in the project work. Especially in customer meetings, such as presentations, I should present the ideas of the project team and convince the customers of our solution. I am also responsible for ensuring that the team will do its job. This includes on the one hand, the selection of team members for the projects and on the other hand a concrete support of the project members. Because of my skills, knowledge and talents I can also be actively involved in projects. I understand that I cannot be a leader in five years. Perhaps I can never be a leader, but I can definitely try to be a great manager for the team. The task and responsibility of the respective

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