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CC Leadership in Charlie Company has subjected the study room and day room to many changes in the time since Cadet Candidate Basic Training ended. What once was a place to relax, during the weekends and sometimes weekdays, has now become a reoccurring problem. Ever since Charlie Company gained its privileges, the CCs in the company have had a slippery slope of disregarding standards, decency, and cleanliness. The day rooms and study rooms are a mess. There is a better solution to the problem than having the rooms closed or restricted.
Telling the Company during formation or just closing the day room and study room will only temporarily solve the problem of poor cleanliness. The academic year is nearing the end of the second quarter, and the problem of policing the rooms up is still an ongoing problem. CC leadership is still reminding CCs not to make a mess, to pick up their spit bottles, and to remember to sign into the sign in to the log. One needs to be provided the tools do his or her job. Will simply telling the CC not to do something really help them police one another up? The long-term answer is no, but for instant results, yes. Charlie Company should be doing what is right in terms of cleaning not only when pressured by fear. Every time someone starts to speak about closing the study and day room because either the floors are not clean or because some other deficiency, people start to panic and clean if only for a day. Platoon Leader CC Trust said in regards to why CCs only clean when threatened, “Because they are irresponsible and don’t want to take responsibility. It’s not just a USMAPS problem but a real Army problem as well…Only certain people want to help out when it has a certain affect on them.” The study room is mor...

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... pride and morale are set, things will start to change in relation to cleanliness. People will hold one another to a higher standard and expect unknown responsibility like cleaning places where one had no directive to clean.
The solution will take time to implement, but it will be more effective than the system in which Charlie Company has been in for the academic year. Now, with these new possibilities people will be more involved with the cleaning process than having someone close down the rooms completely. Some might say that the solution will only breed more bad behavior, but what is a solution on paper than an experiment waiting to happen?

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