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The child under observation over the course of this semester is a ten year old girl by the name of Jessica who the observer sometimes babysits for. Jessica is the youngest of four siblings. Her older sisters are twenty-one and sixteen, and her older brother is fourteen. Jessica rarely interacts with her oldest sister who is away at college, but is quite close with the younger two. At times, Jessica instigates fights between herself and her brother. She will torment and egg him on until her snps and begins to yell at her. Despite these infrequent squabbles, she is mostly quite easy-going and relaxed. However, when she has her mind set on something she wants, she will not stop pestering her siblings, or whoever is involved, until she gets it. Jessica’s parents are happily married and live in a comfortable suburban area on Long Island. They live in a predominantly Indian neighborhood of New Hyde Park. Her mother graduated from Saint John’s University with a Bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies and her father completed trade school to continue his career as an electrician. However, now her mother is a stay-at-home mom who homeschools the children. Jessica says she loves homeschooling because she meets other children from all over Long Island. Her current best friend lives in East Norwich and another close friend lives in Riverhead. Athenas 2 While coming from a very mixed background of nationalities, Jessica identifies most strongly with her Irish heritage. Although raised American, because both her parents were born in America and chose neither of their background cultures to raise their children, Jessica identifies most strongly with her mother’s side in their Irish nationality. When asked what nationality she wa... ... middle of paper ... ... she did in high school and start doing internships for her career very early. Because of her determined and dedicated personality, the observer doubts that she will be changing majors when in college. Some problems which may arise in the future for Jessica will occur only if she does not develop out of some bad habits she has. Her manipulative side is one of these problems. While very outgoing and social, Jessica has shown, especially with her siblings, a manipulative side. This is a part of the egocentric phase which she is going through due to her age. However if this Athenas 6 does not fade from her personality it will be difficult to maintain friendships she makes. Jessica is a very hardworking and enthusiastic person. With the support and relationship she has with her family for the most part, she will easily become a very successful person.
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