C. S Lewis Song Analysis

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“If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world” (Lewis, 1996). This quote written by C.S Lewis was the base for the songwriter Brooke Fraser to compose the C.S Lewis song. As a case of analysis, it was decided to find the different elements of the music inside this piece. As a result of this analysis, it is necessary to divide the song in five remarkable stanzas. First of all, it is analyzed the theme and general characteristic of the song. This song in composed in a verse chorus form. Its dynamic through this section is stable and it can be considering as piano. The whole song presents the following configuration: A B A’ B C B’. The instrumentation for the first phrase, there is a piano performing a solo and in the second phrase a voice is added. Also, the rhythm of CS Lewis Song is organized in quadruple meter since the first beat is stronger than the rest. In addition, Theme it is heard two phrases. For the first phrase, there is…show more content…
The instrumentation for the whole chorus, it is heard an increment of dynamic being this one modify by a mezzo piano sound provided by the cymbals of the drum and voice of the singer. Also, the guitar is performing a hum while Brooke Fraser sings. In the same way, it is noticed that the piano is using a calling response technique since it stops playing harmony and perform a short solo while the singer is waiting for singing the next sub phrase. Also, the melodic motion at the beginning of each phrase present a disjunction form, but at the end of both phrases, it changes to conjunction motion showing resolution and tranquility. Similar to the last stanza, the voice of the singer is quiet or piano, the rhythm still quadruple meter and it is strongly remark by the drums in the second phrase. In the same way, it has a homophonic texture and tempo
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