Bye Bye SAT

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Standardized testing is causing students to devote time, energy, and effort into examinations that are said to be the evidence of a student’s capabilities but in fact, only show how well a student can test. Taking these tests is not an affective way to show the skills and capabilities of students. Today’s students are being stripped away from a valuable education because they are being forced to improve and prepare for standardized test. Taking a generic test cannot show work ethic, drive, motivation, and many other aspects of a student’s life. The weight that is carried on taking standardized test is far greater than the positive externalities of the test itself.
Students are missing out on the precious moments that come from being in high school because they are too consumed with the reality of scoring high on standardized test in order to get in their desired university. School as we know is being altered in a negative way. Field trips, physical education, and desirable classes are all beginning to dwindle so that more time can be taken to study for testing. Missing out on these opportunities can have a lasting affect on students. If there is no time to rest your mind and your body, then there is no time for breathing room.
Making high scores on standardized test, and making high grades in class are two completely different aspects. According to Charles Murray, … the sat is more than a test. It is one of life’s landmarks. Murray’s statement is very accurate and easily depicts the struggles that come with taking the standardized tests. “The mission of the SAT was to identify intellectual talent regardless of race, color, creed, money, or geography, and give that talent a chance to blossom.” (Murray) Now, it is far from it. S...

... middle of paper ... does not and will not matter when it comes to getting the job done in the classroom. A student’s number one priority should be their performance in the classroom, not their performance on a generic test.
Taking many tests does not reveal intelligence; intelligence comes in many different forms. Testing is a very difficult barrier between you and getting accepted into college. The reality is, regardless of how one does in school, taking standardized test (and doing well) is ultimately the key to getting into a college of your choice. The impact on students by these heavily weighted test will continue to be a burden until something is done. Students will continue to worry about these test, but one day will come when people finally realize that the effort and performance in a classroom is far more important than any test that is said to reveal intelligence.
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