By portraying Act I Scene V in a modern day setting, I believe this will allow the audience to relate

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Romeo and Juliet

Born in 1564, Shakespeare was to become one of the most influential

writers of all time. At his birthplace; Stratford-upon-Avon

Shakespeare attended grammar school. In 1590, after seeing an interest

in theatre Shakespeare left his hometown and travelled to London to

work as an actor and a playwright. Shakespeare immediately had an

impact on the community and within no time became the most successful

playwrights in the whole of England; so popular that he made his own

theatre. This theatre still exists today and is well known by the name

of ‘Shakespeare’s Globe’. Not only did Shakespeare have a huge impact

on the English community but he had a significant impact on the

history of English literature, through his highly successful plays.

Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare’s most acknowledged play is the one I

will be focusing on.

The themes and original figurative language used in this play are the

reason for its popularity. Many different theatre and film productions

have been made in trying to portray Romeo and Juliet in a different

context. I will be doing the same, not for the whole play but for a

significant scene: Act I Scene V. The reason this scene is one of the

most central in the play is because Romeo overcomes his infatuation

over Rosaline and experiences love at first sight with Juliet. The

scene moreover displays the majority of themes represented throughout

the drama. These themes are love; the powerful love shown between

Romeo and Juliet, in contrast with this hate; the hatred between the

two families, Capulet and Montague. Infatuation, what Romeo felt for

Rosaline until he saw Juliet ‘For I ne’er saw tr...

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... are in love. This scene is

fundamental to understand the context of the whole play because it

provides a strong basis for conflict between the Capulets and

Montugues. I admire the use of soliloquy in this scene, creating puns

which expose the outcome of the play. This reflects the social

historical background; the belief of fate. The paramount element to

this scene is the creative use of Christian metaphor which persuades

Juliet to kiss Romeo. The way in which Romeo hypnotises Juliet into

kissing him through the use of metaphor is superb because it too

reflects on the social historical background by reinforcing the strong

belief in religion. I believe Shakespeare wrote this play to show that

hatred can lead to dire consequences, it cost the Capulets and

Montagues the lives of their beloved children to realise it.

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