Buying A Car Is A Major Financial Decision

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Buying a car is a major financial decision a lot of people make every day. Some of the biggest factors in that decision is cost to maintain, longevity, and is it safe for the environment. Over the past 10 years or so, advancements in diesel engine technology have brought diesel cars to the forefront of the American car industry. Conventional wisdom would teach you that gas cars are the best bet, but it is time to replace accepted beliefs with actual facts. Diesel engines are better than gasoline engines because they last longer, have better fuel economy, and they are cheaper to maintain. Diesel engines got there humble beginnings in the 1900s as an alternate way to power large, stationary platforms. They became popular in the war years due to a shortage in other fuel sources. Shrinivasa contends “the unusual successful product development of the diesel engine….is a rare case in the history of technology” (371). This is because the diesel engines were birthed in a time where steam engines dominated the industry. It took several inventors to actually get the diesel engine to work. Once it did, manufacturers began creating them in many different sizes. As the years continued on several different countries began producing diesel engines and the technology grew and blossomed to the modern diesel engines in cars today. Diesel engines are constructed of cast iron and provide superior compression ratios to gasoline fueled engines. Their cast iron construction provides them with superior durability to gas engines. Cast iron also lasts a very long time. When an individual purchases a vehicle they typically want something that will lasts a long time and rarely breaks. Diesel engines have to be constructed to withstand the high compression ra... ... middle of paper ... ...der “compact diesels held 63% of their value after 36 months, gasoline cars held at 53%” (Davies 1). So for example a $30,000 compact diesel would be worth $18,900 after 36 months opposed to $15,900 for compact gasoline vehicle. Since diesel fuel contains more energy, one would be getting more bang for the buck which will save thousands more. In three short years the consumer should have been able to make up for the initial more expensive costs of a diesel vehicle. The diesel engine vehicle is created for the boat hauling, work commuting, long term thinking consumer. It simply isn’t the best choice from everyone, but should be considered by more consumers. Technological advances have transformed it from a giant stationary ozone nightmare to fuel efficient, durable, and affordable daily driver option. Give a diesel a try; what do you have to lose? Just money I guess.

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