Butt Out: At What Cost?

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Today, nearly anywhere one might visit, there is some form of anti-smoking information posted on billboards/pamphlets/etc. Generally speaking, this isn’t a bad thing, that’s just society’s way of informing everyone of the health risk involved. But should this be done to the extent it is today? This over exaggerated issue of smoking, especially the effect on non-smokers, has brought our society to now try to enforce a complete government ban. Placing such a ban on tobacco products propose higher crime rates, an economic downfall, and infringes on one’s fundamental right to smoke. Think back to the prohibition era when alcohol was outlawed. Crime rates rose drastically during this time period due to multiple reasons regarding the black market. When you take a right, such as drinking, away from society that has been legal and morally excepted, people get outraged and look for ways to continue doing what they choose. Addiction is stronger than any law, and more Americans are addicted to cigarettes than those who are to alcohol. With that being said, we can only imagine what a ba...
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