Butler, Tennessee

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The town of Butler is not a very well known place, but I would not trade anything in the world for it. In this quaint little town one will find a wide variety of year round activities and traditional festivals. I have traveled to many places in our nation and to other nations, but I have yet to find a place that is as dear to me as my hometown. Most of the inhabitants of Butler will tell you the same thing, whether they have traveled or not. Butler has such a picturesque landscape that it is often the subject of many photographers. The history of this town is also one of the qualities that make it such a wonderful and unique place. The friendly people, various activities, such as water sports hiking, and the wonderful landscape in the town of Butler, TN, make it one of the premier vacation spots and home sites in the nation.

Butler is located on the very northeastern tip of Tennessee. Approximately 40 miles from the ETSU campus on Highway 67, one will first cross the Butler Bridge overlooking Watauga Lake. Then about a mile later the road begins to descend into the little town of Butler.

Most of my family has lived in Butler all of their lives, so they know first hand the history of Butler. This town’s history is very unususal; Watauga Lake now covers the previous location of Butler. The TVA project moved this town from what used to be a flood-prone area to a higher elevation. Butler has its own museum devoted to this move. It contains old artifacts, pictures old Butler before and after the lake was drained, and many handmade quilts dating back to the 19th Century. The Butler Museum is located at Babe Curtis Park at the end of McQueen Street in Butler. Entire books have been written on the subject of old Butler such as Lost Heritage by Russ Calhoun Sr.

Beautiful mountains with small creeks, a pristine lake, and rolling grassy valleys make the landscape of this beautiful place. Regardless of the time of year one will always find breathtaking landscape in the town of Butler, except for the mid winter when all of the leaves are off the trees and they look like skeletons, which can be very depressing.

The natives of Butler are people who love their land and tend to stick with traditions.
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