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The ideas that Judith Butler’s try to portrait as a sociologist is viewed in the form of a feminist theorist but with influence in topics of queer theory. The notion about sex, gender and desire interconnect to the her views that individuals are not born with a gender but rather we perform our gender. The readings done in class from the book Social Theory in the Contemporary Era presents the readers with questions that makes them re-evaluate the notion of what we consider our views in identifying gender and sex and desire. Our day to day activities and practices that we performed in everyday are questioned. In addition Butler mention the re-evaluation of the effects that culture holds in the performance of our gender and sex. As we continue getting more acquainted with Butler’s work in the subjects of sex/ gender and desire we learned new terminology such as gender performativity, Heterosexual matrix, socially constructed gender that relates to our current society.
Judith Butler open the topic of sex with the ideal that the separation of sex is a modern feminist view, where determined sex is a separation of biological sex. The understanding that I derived from the readings of Judith Butler’s was that an individual is not born with sex but rather sex is made by the everyday choices that we make in life. Our social roles that we performed in our everyday life is what help us determine the sex role that we will take in life. Butler explain this notion as the socially constructed gender were many females perform gender related actions that builds into the determination of the gender roles/sex. Butlers argues the notion that sex is a norm in addition she mentions that sex is no more that a natural category that is established by ...

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...Some examples that she mentions in her readings are related against the discrimination towards gays and their performances being out of the norm and create for other individuals to attack and their sexual preference. Butler tries to find similarities with both heterosexual and homosexual in order to show the similarities that these two groups have in the subject of desire. In order to demystify the negativity views that people have about homosexual individuals Butler decide to attack the negativity by creating similarities with the heterosexual group in order to have them view as similar to their own actions. Comparing the sex, gender and desire aspects to what is perceive as the normal men and normal women helps its readers to question its own methods of defining them sleeves and question the views that they have taken when looking at Gender, sex and desire.
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