Businesses Should Outsource Their Jobs to Other Countries

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Businesses Should Outsource
Businesses that want to offer inexpensive, well-made products should outsource their jobs to other countries. American work ethics are very low or nonexistent. Many products are already outsourced because if they were entirely made in America, they would be unaffordable. Since Americans are becoming greedier, the amount of money they demand to be paid is rising. Other countries that are suitable to perform the jobs needed may demand less money to finish the jobs. The main purpose of this paper is to explain why businesses should outsource to other countries that can do the work they need at a cheaper cost.
Many Americans blame outsourcing for the current unemployment rates, even though the amount of Americans on financial assistance programs that are currently unemployed and are not looking for a job is high. This paper is intended for those that blame outsourcing on the unemployment rates and for American businesses that want to provide quality goods at a reasonable cost for American consumers. This paper will inform the audience on the benefits of why businesses should outsource. Businesses that are trying to help consumers by selling inexpensive, well-made, quality goods should outsource jobs to other countries. This is because Americans are unwilling to work and demand more money, making it harder to sell goods at a cheap price, while other countries are willing to work these jobs at a lower cost.
Outsourcing is obtaining goods or services from an outside or foreign supplier, especially in place of internal source. Typically jobs are outsourced to where a company can pay less to have the task performed at a cheaper cost. Many businesses are outsourcing simply because the market is growing overseas...

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