Business and Professional Communication: Social Style

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The results of my social style questionnaire, without a doubt, reflect the way I perceive my communication with my colleagues and my family. I rated myself as an expressive social style, in which I am “high on both responsiveness and assertiveness” (Beebe and Mottet, 2013). I believe that this is an accurate reputation of how I perceive myself, and how others perceive me. According to the Beebe and Mottet (2013), some adjectives that define an expressive social style, and accurately depict me include: competent, versatile, ambitious, enthusiastic, and friendly. These adjectives reflect the style of leadership I try to exhibit as a United States Marine and non-commissioned officer. As a sergeant, I have to be competent in my role as a platoon sergeant and a combat cameraman. I am perceived to be a subject matter expert of my occupational field to my customers and my Marines. Versatility is a necessary attribute for a Marine, both in garrison and while deployed. Plans change, times shift, and Murphy’s Law is always in effect in the military. I have to be versatile and adapt to ever-changing situations in order to accomplish your mission. Ambitious is an adjective that would correctly describe my state of mind. I am always striving to better myself in any way possible. I incorporate the “Man, Marine, MOS” leadership style in my life, as well as when I mentor my young Marines. By MOS I mean, Military Occupational Specialty, also known as my job. I believe in developing myself as a man and a father, striving to be a great example and an educator to my son. I constantly seek to better myself as a Marine in order to stay competitive for promotion. I have received two meritorious promotions in the past three years because of my ambitio... ... middle of paper ... ...lot when I have to deal with Marines out of military regulations. I know there are kinder, gentler, ways of communicating with my Marines; but my aggressive mentality urges me to call them out in a manner that will make a point and stick with them. I also could improve on being gentler to my son. I am quick to yell, spank or place him in time out for minor indiscretions. In conclusion, I believe that the expressive social style accurately reflects how I perceive myself and how others perceive me. I am an ambitious and competent Marine who is enthusiastic and friendly with his subordinates. I believe that this style is beneficial my occupation as a photographer and a leader and has help me excel in the military thus far. Works Cited Beebe, S. A., & Mottet, T. P. (2013). Business and professional communication (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.
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