Business Sustainability: Leadership, Ethics And Sustainability

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Leadership, Ethics and values are crucial in business sustainability. In order for a business to be sustainable, it must follow the triple-bottom line approach whilst being innovative, adaptable [due to it being encapsulated in an ever-changing business environment] and have a capable leader who supports sustainable business practices. The triple-bottom line approach focuses on achieving a profit (financial), being social responsible (social) and protecting the environment (environmental) [Financial times lexicon]. A Businesses ethics and values determine the manner in which a business will embrace its financial, social and environmental goals. For the purpose of this essay, one must provide an apt definition to the concept of business sustainability .Business sustainability (corporate sustainability) is achieved when a business is able to manage and coordinate its financial, social and financial aspects whilst ensuring that it is ethical and responsible in its approach to attain continuous success ( businesses ethics and values, determine businesses sustainability in its approach to acquire continuous success. A businesses ethics play a major role in influencing the action of its members to contribute towards, or disregard, acts of corporate sustainability .A Business ethics are the moral principles guiding business behavior (Anglo-American).According to an Anglo American case study on business ethics and corporate responsibility (Anglo-American), organizations must be able to differentiate between right and wrong when classifying acts as ethical or unethical. Ethical acts abide to the norms of society, for example: acts against mass deforestations by organizations; in contrast, unethical acts disregard the norms o... ... middle of paper ... ...and information | The Times 100. 2014. What are business ethics? - Business ethics and corporate social responsibility - Anglo American | Anglo American case studies, videos, social media and information | The Times 100. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 24 April 2014]. What is the Definition of Sustainability| Business Sustainability . 2014. What is the Definition of Sustainability| Business Sustainability . [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 24 April 2014]. What is Environmental Sustainability?. 2014. What is Environmental Sustainability?. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 24 April 2014].
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