Business Skill for E-commerce

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1 Assess the business functions of

2 Evaluate business aims of and show how they relate to stakeholders.

3 Analyze the impact, including the risks, of introducing e-Commerce system in Bangladesh.

4 Discuss the global impact of

Task 1.1 Assess the business functions of

Answer: is a business organization just like any other businesses; however the difference is that they trade with their customers using the internet as a medium of communication. A business functions are a set of activities divided into different segments or departments which must co-ordinate with each other in order for the business to function properly and generate revenues. Just like every businesses, should also ensure that their functions are working together in order for the business to survive in the market. Their business functions are quite similar to any businesses but the difference is that they are highly specialized in using Information Technology such as computers and the Internet in order to reach their customers. Therefore Internet plays the role of market in such trades. Both the business and their customers reach each other through the internet.

In order for the business to generate revenues the functions of should work effectively; such functions involve Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Customer-Care, and most importantly the functions of their IT department.

The marketing is also done over the Internet, they use protocols such as e-mail, Facebook, and advertisement to other popular websites in order to reach their potential customers and promote themselves. When a business attracts more people with their goods...

... middle of paper ... their cultures. For example “Ekushey Boi Mela” is a Bangladeshi festival which is organized as a tribute to the Martyrs of 1952. Bangladeshis who are living abroad can also check all the latest books that are released every year and can get their copy without coming to Bangladesh.

Traditional outfits such as “Lungis” and “Sarees” are also a good attraction for foreign people, therefore allows those foreigners to purchase such items from their home without travelling to Bangladesh.

As a conclusion, globalization is a major factor for the development of human civilization and businesses to flourish. Therefore also works as a catalogue of Bangladeshi products for the foreign investors, they can learn many facts about the products which are being produced here and can make their decisions about investing money in this country.
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