Business Requirements

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1 Business Requirements

1.1 Project Overview
SMB Computation, a data collection and analysis company has been operating for less than two years and has grown exponentially. SMB Computation is seeking to create a repository for collected data beyond that of standard relational databases and their ten-terabyte data warehouse has been forecasted to grow about twenty percent each year. A plan of action to compensate for the growth of the company is in the making and the CEO and I, the CIO will go over options for data warehousing, analytics, interfaces and cloud technology, as well as the security and the infrastructure.
1.2 Background including current process
This project will help SMB Computation prepare a security assessment by defining which systems to consider and what approach for the assessment, determine the logistical considerations, determine a plan of assessment, and to ensure the policy and legal considerations are met. The goal of the project is to review all documentation and policies in place, go over the current system configurations, review of system logs, and testing current assets for vulnerabilities.
The role of the IT department during this project will be to provide but are not limited to the following:
CIO: The CIO will oversee the progress and determine the budget for the project at hand as well as the responsibility for purchasing the new equipment and upgrades, while supervising over the rest of the IT department.
The Analyst: The Analyst will communicate with the CIO about strategies to upgrade the company efficiently and be the main communication to any third-party vendor that will be needed during the project.
System Administrator/Database Administrator: The Administrator will be responsible for desi...

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...n resources has become an important task. The preparation of human recourses of the company includes planning for future needs of personnel, their required skills, employee recruitment, and employee development.
1.3.6 Definition of Terms

A list of definitions that will be used throughout the duration of the project include the following:
Best Practices: IT Best practices include the many processes and frameworks that a company will use to efficiently and effectively accomplish IT tasks.
Risk: Risks are the potential that an error will occur in the IT project.
Vulnerability: vulnerabilities are security holes that are in software or operating systems that could provide a way for the system to be attacked and penetrated.
Vulnerability Assessment: A vulnerability assessment is the test and documentation of the effectiveness of both the security policies and controls.

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