Business Proposal- Communication

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Lit Review of Communication The business dictionary defines communication as a two-way process of reaching mutual understanding in which participants exchange information, new, ideas, and feeling but also create and share meaning (communication) whereas business communication refers to communication that occurs people within an organization and how a company shares information to promote their services to potential customers (business communication). There are different channels of communication the three that I thought were interesting were as follows: upward channel, downward channel, and the horizontal channel. Upward channel refers to the flow from the bottom to the top, from the messenger such as a subordinate to the boss whereas downward channel refers to information that flows from the top down for example managers to subordinates whereas horizontal channel refers to information that is circulated across employees of the same status (Ogunihi,2013). Communication as a number of roles they include: it transmits information, thought, or feeling so that it is satisfactorily received and understood; it tries to convey knowledge and idea that will put a workplace on an organized footing, it makes the staff of a workplace open to one another, good communication leads to good performance and conversely, poor one leads to poor performance, it shapes a society, an organization, or a workplace, it leads to the end result of an organization or a workplace’ and it serves as a mirror through which an establishment, an organization and a workplace is viewed (2013). Why is continuing edu important Goodtherapy offers benefits of continuing education they include “classes do not just offer new knowledge; they offer therapists an opportuni... ... middle of paper ... ...eveoplment of Professional Expertise in the Workplace. New Directory for Adult and Continuing Education, 86, 23 - 31. Rosetta Stone (n.d.) Rosetta Stone Core Lessions. Retrieved 2 Jan 2014 from Resetta Stone: Ogunsiji, Y. (2013). The Role of Communication in the Workplace. Journal of Society and Communication, 315 - 337. Scott, S. (n.d.). Importance of Technology. Retrieved Dec 31, 2013, from The Houston Chronicle: Skok, M. (2013). Some Characteristics That Influence Motivation For Learning In Organisations. Interdisciplinary Description Of Complex Systems, 11(2), 254-265. Turner, M. TL. (2009). The Benefits of Being Bilingual. Retrieved 2 Jan 2014 from PracticeLink:
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