Business Program Resources and Personal Success Plan

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Northcentral University has many valuable resources that are available for students; yet the most important resource I took advantage of during the first week was meeting the mentors and my advisor. Meeting the Dean of the School of Business and Technology Management as well as other staff members during week one of the doctorate program was inspiring. Seeing the Dean and the NCU mentors face to face and hearing them speak about themselves made me realize they had once been doctorate students too; their wisdom and vision encouraged me. I also enjoyed meeting other students through the discussion forum; seeing their unique perspectives concerning their background and interests, their personal vision and how NCU fit their future plans. The NCU library, writing center and dissertation center is where a mentally stimulating adventure for students begins. There are countless other resources available for students and it would be beyond the scope of this paper to list them here. I will describe just a few important resources that were very useful each week.

Recognizing the many possible careers in business that could be explored once the doctorate is completed has opened my eyes to a magnitude of opportunities. Gaining an understanding of the differences between a Ph.D. and an Applied Doctorate helped me to realize that at this point I was working toward the correct degree. During the second week we prepared a time management workbook. This was an outstanding way to prepare students mentally for present and future time challenges. During the third week of the Foundations of Doctoral Study in Business class, the focus was on academic integrity and APA format and style. I enjoyed taking the Northcentral Academic tutorial and questionnai...

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...motes student mobility; allowing them to take clips from webpages and create a searchable database from those clips.

Computer crashes remind students to keep your data safe in an external hard drive!

To conclude this paper, I will attempt to evaluate the unique skills which I had before I started at Northcentral University and some that I have acquired since. Each skill will be categorized as a skill level of beginner, familiar or master. The majority of my skill level analysis fell in the familiar level as I do have some ability with most of the skills listed. Lastly, there is a column to rate whether the skill goal level is an immediate or intermediate goal.


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