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India Places .com

About Us

India Places is the premium website on tourism that gives details about the important tourist’s places in India. It covers the whole lot of places across the country. Every part of the country is covered under this. The most sought after places in India that people wants to visit, all the details regarding the important tourist’s spots, locations to visit, the details of hotels and resorts to stay are provided on the site. From pilgrimage and holy places to the monumental sites, wild life sanctuaries, exotic beaches, hill stations, metropolitan cities as well rural destination, all the detail description is given on it.

The most important question, which comes in mind while planning to tour some places are:

• How you can travel with respective destination?

• Which are the important venues to visit?

• Which place to stay?

• The list of important Hotels and Resorts.

• What’s the suitable season to visit?

All these questions are resolved in this site. People across the world need respective information about important tourist destination in India. India’s most favorite tourist destination and the best season to visit the place is suggested on the site, the climatic conditions that suits the visitor and the time required to visit the places is suggested on it. For different kind of travelers, we provide wide variety of favorite places. For the nature and animal lovers it provides details of the all the wild life sanctuaries, the people who have interest in historical monuments they can view the list of Indian Monumental Heritage. For the religious pilgrimage and visit to the holy shrines the detailed descriptio...

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...y further assistance via mail and contact no (subject to the authorization given by the customer).

Contact Us

India places plays an important role in providing its customers information about the various tourists locations. We are bound to give our visitors excellent customer service. To get successful in our goal to provide our customers a great customer services we need consistent suggestion from you. To improve our site we need your further assistance. In case of any query and assistance, you can directly contact us.

If you and your alliance are looking out for the required publicity for any of the business, you can contact us on our website. We provide appropriate assistance in advertising your venture all over the places.

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