Business Process Management Case Study

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Most global corporations in today’s business world are focusing on their business process and ways to manage those processes in order to become successful and leverage themselves against competitors. The understanding is that efficient business processes are beneficial to the business in the long run when considering factors like cost reduction, meeting customer’s expectations and streamlining business operations to eliminate any loopholes that are detrimental to the business. Change (2016) defines business process management as an approach that focuses on workflow of the firm and in the process divulging any errors that may hinder good performance, hence, it is used to structure a firm’s workflow. Advances in technologies and modern business…show more content…
Different organisations have different action plan depending on the sector of delivery, business condition, organisational structure and resources available. Kavale (2012) notes that creating an organisational strategy entails comparing the current situations of the company and its targeted state and determining the difference and how to fill the gap. He further states that filling the gap may involve integrating new approaches or changing the existing ones (2012). Based on the case study, Carlson’s strategy – short-term and long-term – involves executing best leadership practice especially in terms of decision making process, engaging employees and suppliers in their operations, strengthening the relationship with customers and applying the latest technology framework to improve business…show more content…
According to Tankovic, developing strategies for an organisation begins with analysing the external conditions and available resources and then analysing the company’s mission and vision to determine whether they align because the latter two form the basis of achieving the former (2013). An organisation’s mission and vision are significant part not only of strategic management, but also communicating with the stakeholders and the customers about their intentions. Based on the vision and mission, Carlson’s strategy is to build the team, satisfying the customer, delivering its family of business and working smarter and not harder. The company understands that they need teams and innovative way of thinking to accomplish their
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