Business Process

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Summary 1. In your own words what are the main points and ideas of the material in the chapter? Business processes are one of the most critical and valuable assets of an organization. Unlike technical and scientific processes, business processes involve an interfusion of tasks and activities conducted by workers throughout the organization. Almost every facet of a business, no matter what the size, is implicated by a myriad of processes. From hiring and training to marketing and servicing, intricate processes potentially impact how businesses function. They require a great degree of cooperation and partnership with one another, cross-functional understanding, and interdependencies among departments. Processes involve the ability to manage and control the complex development, delivery, and maintenance of tasks. When we conduct a job analysis, we need to differentiate whether a task is an associated process or if it is an actual procedure. We also need to analyze and synthesize what particular functions within the organization consist of processes. This involves a deep understanding of how the specific phase of each process is linked to the tasks. Well-defined and designed processes can dictate the quality of performance and overall work flow. Designating and documenting processes can set a benchmark from which workers and organizations can flourish. Identifying key processes and knowing the right methods in which to deliver them can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of how something works. Potential implications can be detrimental when a process breaks down or the right knowledge is not provided to the workers. It is vital that we are proactive and provide just the right amount of detail to ensure that training suppor... ... middle of paper ... ...of processes and then outline who is responsible for completing the tasks and what actions need to be administered. This allows the workers to fully understand their role and promote ownership while still working as part of a team. Flow diagrams and process tables can help identify and prioritize tasks based on their importance. Utilizing these techniques reinforces task flow and confirms the significance of the workers' role in the process. It also enables the workers to understand the performance expectations established for each notable task. The entire concept of processes revolves around the workers. Their performance expectations and requirements are key elements in determining who does what and when. They also provide an equitable basis for appraising performance. Clarifying performance expectations can ensure that the workers know what is expected of them.
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