Business Operation Plans

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In this paper we will discuss the operations of the proposed business and the effects of the economy, the government and laws from a value added perspective in the global community. As this business is a service business the focus will be on the effect of those external influences on supply chain management and best practices.

Business Operations

Project management companies handle various types of projects to include: Internet technology, construction projects, medical management projects, marketing and business strategy projects, and more. A project is an endeavor with a definite beginning and end, meant to create a unique product, service, or result (Project Management Institute, 2008). Because of the nature of a project, the skills required on individual jobs vary. In an Internet technology environment, one might be creating a website, database or entire network. Specific application or programming languages, hardware engineers or networking engineers would be required and personnel with those particular skills would be needed for the job. The labor needs fluctuate according to the projects, making agility indispensable in order to meet project needs. In order to have an agile labor force, alliances with the appropriate technical and business recruiters will have to be developed and maintained. A pipeline of recruiters and contractors could be maintained in an SAP database for the quick and easy retrieval of the proper talent. This gives the company several options in contingency planning for any spikes or sudden declines in business.

In the start-up phase of the business, a project manager would meet with the client and gather the requirements to define the activities and scope of the project and estimate ...

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