Business Management : What Makes A Business Successful?

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Business Management
Business management is what makes a business successful or can be the reason is fails. Any business, not matter how big or small, the industry it is in, or the cliental it is trying to reach can be successful without planning, organization, staffing, and directing. When a company is closed or unsuccessful, it is because they failed to manage their business.
“An organization can only function well if it is well-organized. This means that there must be sufficient capital, staff and raw materials so that the organization can run smoothly and that it can build a good working structure” (Van Vliet, para.4). Not being organized works for some individuals but companies cannot grow with lack of organization. Everyone’s opinion of success is different, the company I work for is very successful but we do not consider that our success, since we continue to set goals and grow. We would not be able to grow the way we have over the last 10 years without organization. Organization is the roots for planning, staffing, and directing in my opinion.
Staffing has to be organized in order to make since financially as well as being effective. If you are understaffed that puts stress on the team that you have in place. Team members that are stressed over being understaffed may feel overwhelmed and may cause their production or customer service to decrease. In return this will affect the business revenue or rather customers return. On the other hand, if you are overstaffed than you are losing money paying for team members and not having enough business to compensate for them. Companies may also find it hard to give enough hours to their full time individuals.
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...cept. We are able to plan and reason behind our decision. When our plan has a flaw or fails we automatically start thinking of other ways for our plan to be successful.
In my success I have had the opportunity to learn from amazing leaders who are very successful in business management. I personally believe that planning, organization, staffing, and directing a company are all important but planning is by far the most important. Whenever I have a new task, meeting, conversation, or conflict I am constantly planning. When someone ask me a question, I may ask them if I can get back with them so that I can plan my response. Otherwise, the response may not be what I wanted it to be or the delivery may not be as affective if I would have planned it out. This works for me and seems to be really affective, it allows me to not react on emotion but strategic planning