Business Management Importance

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One of thing that really important for business are financial and business activities all over the world. A developing country always be related to financial development. From now, business activity is expanding and getting excited for people. People are likely to have their own business, so there are lots of the businesses opening all around the world. Business activity is not about selling a product and taking money from that; it is a combination process by lots of different business laws and how to manage a business. If people want a corporation to grow up, people need to work hard and have great consequences. To become a better company, people should know how to economize, increasing source of income statement. Business management is going…show more content…
For example of some activities like, build up business process, business systems, business income statement. As the result, the most important in business management is having schedule, plans of what people can do in the future.
A person is working with business management always active, confident, brave, ability working in pressure, and competitive; that person is also have the ability to communicate and convince someone. A person who is working in business management need to have a huge of knowledge about finances, how to manage, the strategy of business; that person also need to have some specific skills like: having plans, developing market, working in process, and marketing. Getting pressure in business and competitive between people would help a lot of developing and have lots of plans for the future. Working in business is not usually advantageous; people must have to be failure sometime because of not getting what they want, business activities would be slow down and would lead to slow down a company. Be a manager is not easy that people have to manage about others and financial. However, once people are
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To satisfy the market, business activities need to keep moving on to expand some new plans in the future. People are also need to work hard to become a good employee to bring successful to the company. The opportunities will come to people who try hard to work to become a manager.
I would like to find more information and sources about my research. “Resource could include magazine and newspaper articles which will display how this topic is relevant to general public”(page 56 in text book).I would like to find options from people who have experiences of business about how to become a good business management and how apply the job to the social.
Over all, business management is a crucial part of our society nowadays. Every product that we use in our daily life is the results of business management. To achieve the desirable results, managers need to master specific skills in guiding his or her employees reaching the goals of the organization. A manager is considering successful when he or she can generate revenue for the company and satisfy customers’
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