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Part A: Short Essays 1. Why is organization structure important? A well organized organization structure can ensure the success of a company in the business, thus it is important for a company to have an organization structure. Organization structure makes management and scheduling of work load easier as it has listed all the positions of every employee in the organization and what works they are responsible for. Such that confusion among the employees about their responsibilities can be avoided. Besides, organization structure also serves as a line of communication that includes every level in the organization. Employees can interact effectively with managers by implementing and maintaining this line of communication. It also is a guideline for all the employees about who is in-charged and who is responsible for particular jobs, so that they know exactly who should they report events or activities to. With the organization structure, chain of command in the organization can run smoothly. Because it clearly defines who has the authority to manage particular tasks and empowering the employees to gather data and work within the company. Organization structure helps in saving time and money because everything is prepared in order and completely, it also helps the employees to work more efficiently. 2. What are the characteristics of tall organization and flat organization? A tall organization is a more formal, huge and complicated organization structure and management system. Tall organizations have created multiple levels of management, and thus there is a lot of managers in the organization. The management flow in the organization is based on the chain of the command, which is the employee receive and follow the instruct... ... middle of paper ... ...s to make sure all the tasks and jobs get done efficiently and well. Organization structure is made according to the products and services a company offers and all the positions in the organization are listed completely. The organization structure acts as guideline through which everyone in the organization structure could clearly see their organization and its structure. In fact, they could understand well how the procedures and processes in the organization works, who get to involved in decision-making processes and who has the authority to give orders and instructions. Besides, organization structures allow the expressed allocation of responsibilities for every departments and functions. Basically, an organization structure is a way a company used to assign tasks to the employees and ensure its workforce works collaboratively to achieve a goal that had been set.

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