Business Intelligence and Stakeholders

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INTRODUCTION Business Intelligence refers to the way in which companies collect and organise raw data, and then transform this raw data into something meaningful. The transformation and analysation of this data is generally achieved throughout the use of software with systems such as SAP or Cognos (Howson, 2010). BI is important as it’s helpful in streamlining and making certain tasks easier within a business setting, overall achieving smoother operations. Whilst this is the general process of BI, it is also important to consider who influences this process and how it is influenced and the way in which this affects the overall BI model within an organisation. Howson states that “everyone from executives to casual users [has] an opinion about the company’s BI Strategy” (Howson, 2010), further reinforcing her point of view on the importance of stakeholders and their contribution to determining a BI strategy. BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE AND STAKEHOLDERS Stakeholders are people that are either directly or indirectly influenced by the decisions made inside a given business. For example, an internal stakeholder might be an employee or manager, and an external stakeholder could be society, shareholders, customers or the government. Stakeholders undoubtedly play a large role in the way BI strategies are conducted and the way in which decisions are made. The primary goal of a business is to offer a service and or product to sell to a customer. Hence it is in a business’s best interest to make decisions which have the best impact on stakeholders and it is also in their interest to prime their BI strategy to their stakeholders. As stated in the “Sustainability Matters” article from Oracle – “management teams must consider the needs of all stakeho... ... middle of paper ... ...ity Matters. Retrieved April 16, 2014, from Oracle: Pant, P. (2009). How to build successful BI strategy. Retrieved April 16, 2014, from Poladi, F. (2013, December 23). Building a Business Intelligence Strategy for Your Company. Retrieved April 17, 2014, from examiner: Rodrigues, E. (2013, August 6). Five most common mistakes in a Business Intelligence project. Retrieved April 16, 2014, from SAP Community Network: Shollo, A., & Kautz, K. (2010). Towards an Understanding of Business Intelligence. Association for Information Systems.
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