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Background E-commerce is very unique as it can provide us to open a business without using a big investment as you don’t need to open a store, but if you choose to open a store with e-commerce it’s alright because e-commerce can act as advertisement; it’s free and viewed by many people. As you can advertise it in kaskus as example if you lived in Indonesia as kaskus is one of the biggest Indonesian forum. Even so e-commerce can’t provide all factor that is needed in business as sometime people Business Overview McQleen is a mobile car wash and ready to serve customer all around Surabaya and Sidoarjo. We are not only wash the cars but we also offers polish services for customer who wish to acquire special impressions for their car, we give them freedom for choosing which treatment they want. McQleen was established in 2013. It was created during e-commerce trend. Created under the hope of achieving a profitable growth throughout the year, we are enthusiastically looking forward to grow the business as an upcoming business model. This McQleen car cleaning service that differentiate with other car cleaning service is we don’t need to go outside and wash the car at a car cleaning service but we can just wait at home like a delivery service. Although right now we can only wash our car based on our schedule. The distribution channel itself is focused on e-commerce area through and social media like facebook, twitter, etc. The ease of establishing online store becomes the first reason that underlying our decision in the initial phase. Using almost zero initial investment and minimum technical knowledge. It is commonly known that starting small businesses are not as easy as blink of an eye. Introducing our brand to publ... ... middle of paper ... ... Conclusion As we all know that right now in this modern world people love instant culture, I mean doing something without troubling them and washing car is a very boring job because you need to spend your rest time to wait your car got washed, in here we provide a more relaxing and easy way to wash your car without sacrificing your precious time because you don’t need to go outside to wash the car. This business is very promising as people tend not to waste their time to wash their car. But there are some problem that we faces, one of them is that we don’t know which seller give us a good price and also give us a better items as better items like sponge, car wash formula, and wax makes our company performance better. Thus resulting the customer pleased with our performance and wanted to subscribe to our services. Furthermore cheaper item make our profit bigger.
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